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Automatic Feeding System
Integrating JIECANG Linear Actuator into an automatic feeding system allows farmers to determine the amount of feed and monitor livestock during feeding.

In modern agriculture, automatic feeding systems have become essential tools for improving efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing animal feed supply. Utilizing JIECANG Linear Actuator in automatic feeding systems brings many advantages and conveniences to farmers.

Firstly, JIECANG Linear Actuator enables automatic and precise feed supply. In large-scale farms, the nutritional requirements of animals vary depending on factors such as species, age, health status, and growth stage. With precise control systems, JIECANG Linear Actuator can automatically adjust the quantity and frequency of feed supply according to preset programs and parameters, ensuring that each animal receives appropriate feed. This not only improves feed utilization, reduces waste, but also reduces the labor intensity of farmers, enhancing work efficiency.

Secondly, JIECANG Linear Actuator simplifies and secures the feeding process. In traditional feeding methods, farmers need to manually operate feeding equipment, which is not only time-consuming and laborious but also poses certain safety risks. However, the application of JIECANG Linear Actuator enables automation and intelligence in the feeding process. Farmers only need to set relevant parameters through the control system, and the Linear Actuator will automatically complete the feeding tasks. Additionally, JIECANG Linear Actuator can coordinate with the release of feed bins to ensure the continuity and stability of feed supply.

Furthermore, JIECANG Linear Actuator frees up more time for farmers to monitor livestock. In traditional feeding methods, farmers need to walk through the barns during feeding periods to observe the animals' feeding behavior and health status. However, with the application of JIECANG Linear Actuator, the feeding process becomes more efficient, allowing farmers to spend more time monitoring animals and promptly identifying and addressing any abnormalities. This not only improves animal welfare but also contributes to the profitability of farming.

Moreover, JIECANG Linear Actuator offers advantages such as cleanliness, low maintenance, and strong compatibility. With no vulnerable components like pumps, hoses, or compressors, Linear Actuator avoids issues such as feed contamination and oil leakage. Additionally, its simple and durable structure requires minimal maintenance, reducing operating costs. Furthermore, Linear Actuator can communicate seamlessly with most control systems and provide feedback, making the automatic feeding system smarter and more efficient.​​​​​​​


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· Max. load:50N
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