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Clean Energy​​​​​​​
Energy Storage Container
JIECANG Linear Actuator is applied in the ventilation system of energy storage containers, helping to achieve internal air exhaust and pressure relief, effectively enhancing the overall efficiency, safety, and intelligence level of the system.

The challenge of safety in the development of energy storage
With the continuous growth of global energy consumption, the proportion of renewable energy in the power structure is gradually increasing. To ensure the stable operation of the power grid, energy storage technology has been widely applied. However, as the capacity of energy storage systems increases, safety issues become increasingly prominent.

Among them, thermal runaway is one of the main risks faced by energy storage systems. When the battery cells overheat, it may trigger a chain reaction and generate large amounts of flammable and explosive gases such as hydrogen, methane, ethylene, and carbon monoxide. The accumulation of these gases may lead to explosions, posing serious threats to personnel safety and equipment.

Linear Actuator makes the solution safer
Therefore, the ventilation system of energy storage containers is particularly important. The energy storage industry also has higher requirements for related fire protection designs. JIECANG provides Linear Actuators for global energy storage system integrators, such as the product JC35FA20A, which can open, adjust, and control ventilation windows to ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the energy storage equipment are within the appropriate range.

From an efficiency perspective, with the introduction of JIECANG Linear Actuator technology, the ventilation system of energy storage containers can be precisely adjusted according to actual needs. This avoids unnecessary energy waste and improves the overall energy efficiency of the system. At the same time, due to the fast response characteristics of JIECANG Linear Actuator, the ventilation system can better adapt to environmental changes, ensuring optimal heat dissipation in the shortest time.

In terms of safety performance, the application of JIECANG Linear Actuator provides a more reliable ventilation solution for energy storage containers. By precisely controlling the extension and retraction of the actuator, the air intake and exhaust of the ventilation system can be effectively adjusted to ensure timely discharge of gases from the energy storage containers. This greatly reduces the risk of ignition and explosion caused by gas accumulation, improving the overall safety of the system.

It is worth mentioning that this innovation also provides a more intelligent solution for large-scale ground-based power station projects. The integration of advanced sensors and intelligent control technology enables energy storage containers to monitor potential safety hazards in real time and issue timely warnings, providing strong guarantees for the long-term stable operation of power stations.


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· Max. load:50N
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· IP grade: IP67/IP69K(static)
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