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Mobile Agriculture​​​​​​​
Fertilizer Spreader
JIECANG Linear Actuator precisely controls the amount of fertilizer granules by adjusting the disc of the fertilizer spreader.

With the advancement of agricultural modernization, there is an increasing demand for intelligent and environmentally friendly agricultural machinery. In the crucial process of fertilization, modern farmers urgently need a solution that can increase yields, reduce environmental pollution, and achieve intelligent and precise control during fertilization. The application of JIECANG Linear Actuator in fertilizer spreaders is an ideal choice to meet these requirements.

Intelligent and Precise Cultivation
With the continuous upgrading of environmental regulations, farmers require more intelligent and precise fertilizer spreaders. Combined with the intelligent adjustment system of the fertilizer spreader, JIECANG Linear Actuator can achieve precise control of the amount of fertilizer granules, ensuring optimal fertilization effects in areas with different soil qualities and thus improving the overall efficiency of field cultivation.

Economical, Environmentally Friendly, and Maintenance-Free Solution
The Linear Actuator not only has significant advantages in terms of economy but also eliminates the maintenance troubles of other solutions. The hoseless, pumpless, or compressor-free Linear Actuator makes installation and operation simpler, effectively reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption in agricultural production. This aligns with the modern agricultural pursuit of environmental protection and energy conservation, while creating a more economical operating environment for farmers.

Durable Solution with JIECANG Linear Actuator
JIECANG Linear Actuator undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its continuous and stable operation under harsh field conditions. Multiple tests, including water, mud, dust, and chemical corrosion, make the Linear Actuator a durable and reliable solution, providing farmers with a long-term and reliable user experience.​​​​​​​


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