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Sanitation Truck​​​​​​​
Street Sweeper
The application of JIECANG Linear Actuator on street sweepers enables functions such as lifting and lowering of brushes, rotation, and adjustment of sweeping width, improving the precision and efficiency of street sweeping operations.

Street sweepers play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness in urban environments. However, to maintain high productivity and efficiency, the various equipment used by street sweepers must be accurately positioned while also meeting the city's regulations regarding carbon dioxide emissions and noise levels. In this context, JIECANG Linear Actuator, as an electromechanical actuator, brings many advantages to street sweepers, enhancing their performance and efficiency.

High performance and energy efficiency
JIECANG Linear Actuator provides high-performance and energy-efficient solutions to meet the needs of street sweepers in positioning, suction cups, and sprayers. This improves the operational efficiency of street sweepers, reduces energy consumption, and meets the modern city's demand for efficient cleaning services.

Compliance with regulations
Regulations regarding carbon dioxide emissions and noise levels in cities are becoming increasingly stringent. Street sweepers must comply with these regulations to operate in urban environments. JIECANG Linear Actuator adopts an electrical solution, eliminating the need for hydraulic and pneumatic devices, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and noise levels, complying with urban environmental requirements.

Improved maneuverability
Replacing traditional hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with JIECANG Linear Actuator in the mechanical control devices of street sweepers can effectively improve their maneuverability. JIECANG Linear Actuator provides precise motion control and reliable performance, enabling more precise and stable positioning and operations, thus enhancing the operational efficiency and quality of street sweepers.

Reduced maintenance requirements
Compared to traditional hydraulic and pneumatic devices, JIECANG Linear Actuator requires almost no maintenance, reducing the maintenance costs and downtime of street sweepers. This is crucial for the continuous operation of street sweepers in urban environments, ensuring their reliability and continuity, and guaranteeing the cleanliness of the city environment.​​​​​​​


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