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R+T 2024: JIECANG Introduces Next-Gen Sunshade Drive Solution

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After six years, we finally ushered in the much-anticipated R+T 2024 Stuttgart

the world's leading expo for roller shutters, gates, and sun protection systems.Where JIECANG will introduce next-gen sunshade drive solutions.

JIECANG sunshade drive solutions

DULO Series Motor: Sustainable, Efficient, and Quiet

JIECANG newly launched a new product DULO series motor, which complies with the exhibition theme "sustainable development" much. It uses a brushless motor for energy efficiency, reducing energy loss and improving operating efficiency.

Statistically, it saves over 20% of energy compared to brushed motors. Therefore, the brushless one reduces carbon emissions and benefits the environment.

Due to the special structure of the brushless motor, there is no wear inside the motor, thus extending the service life of the motor.

DULO also adopts an advanced structural design, which greatly reduces the noise when the curtains are running. This not only improves the user experience but also reduces interference with the surrounding environment That means you will have a peaceful living and working environment.

DULO Series Motor

Ultra-Thin Motor Head: A Game-Changer in Motor Technology

It is worth noting that the ultra-thin motor head, which was nominated for the R+T Innovation Award, is also on display. This technology optimizes the motor head from the original 8.9mm to 5.5mm and has a built-in antenna.

It replaces the traditional cluttered external wires, making the entire motor cleaner and more beautiful. This technology reduces light leakage of curtain gaps but also solves the problem of the antenna being easily damaged. The ultra-thin motor head has been a hit with customers and has even provided innovative inspiration for customers to develop new products.

 Pergola Flex System

Unveils Pergola Flex System & Cutting-Edge Shading at Expo

The Pergola Flex system of JIECANG is also displayed on-site. We integrate the windproof roller shutter motor and lighting into the whole system.

People can easily control multiple functional modules with just one remote control. Feel the convenience brought by All in One. Moreover, this controller can meet the different needs of users for outdoor shading.

In addition, JIECANG also exhibited a full range of benchmark products in three major categories: interior shading, exterior shading, and intelligent shading systems. For example coreless cup motors, extremely silent series, Matter series, ultra-short wooden blind motors, and day and night curtain motors. Several technologies such as Stop in Encounter were also unveiled. The latest scientific and technological achievements in smart shading have attracted the attention and consultation of customers from all over the world.

sunlight management

sunshade drive solution

Innovating Excellence: JIECANG's 20-Year Commitment to Quality and Customization

JIECANG is dedicated to creating high-quality products and relies on more than 20 years of independent research and production capabilities to meet customers' differentiated product innovation needs. JIECANG's vertical manufacturing model ensures core components are self-made, offering exclusive customized services. This greatly reduces time and costs, helping customers stay ahead in the market.

JIECANG sunlight management solution



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