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Electric Hospital Bed​​​​​​​

Actuator system for electric hospital beds

JIECANG provides a one-stop actuator control system solution for electric hospital beds. In addition to controlling the state of the bed, JIECANG also proposes more intelligent solutions, such as, bed exit alarm, wet urine alarm, and anti-collision which bring more possibilities to smart medical.

JIECANG meets different customer needs, allowing customers to gain first-mover advantage in the fierce market environment.

Strictly comply with medical safety regulations
Jiecang medical products are committed to the EMC testing requirements of international medical devices. The products comply with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 management systems, and comply with international certifications such as CE, UL, KC, RoHS, PSE, SAA, etc. In order to ensure that customer products pass national standards smoothly.

Highly customized, self-developed
Jiecang products can be deeply customized then meet different customer demands. Jiecang has personalized customization requirements for handset guardrail panels. With efficient development, Jiecang helps customers win more market opportunities.

Independent development of communication protocols
The communication system JC-Bus developed by Jiecang for medical applications. It makes the communication between products smoother and can provide richer derivative expansion functions for the customer's control system.

Safety protection, excellent performance
The high IPX6 protection level is convenient for cleaning and disinfection of products; the functions of anti-pinch, quick release, and anti-collision can improve the using safety; Jiecang all products have undergone high-intensity fatigue tests and have ultra-high stability.

High-quality service, global after-sales
24-hour response, 48-hour solution, global branches respond quickly and efficiently; Jiecang can provide long-term quality assurance for up to five years, and quality is worry-free.


Systems for Electric hospital beds

JIECANG provides a one-stop drive control system solution for electric hospital beds, which not only controls the state of the bed, but also proposes more intelligent solutions. According to the different needs of customers, JIECANG provides a variety of solutions for customers to choose.
Basic Medical Bed System
The basic medical bed system includes: JC35L22, JCB35Q3, JCH35A19, which meets the needs of basic motion functions and is an economical system.
Mid-end Medical Bed System
The mid-end medical bed system includes: JC35L30, JCB35T, JCH35A15/ JCH35A16, which can meet the needs of multi-function sports and can realize more optional functions.
High-end Medical Bed System
The high-end medical bed system includes: JC35L30, JC35L10, JCB35R, JCHN35E, which can realize more intelligent operation and choose more accessories.
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