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JIECANG, the core power source of electric dental equipment

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Spring is here for you! From March 2nd to 5th, Jiecang Drive appeared at booth F13, Hall 16.2, Area C, Guangzhou Pazhou·Canton Fair Complex.

Digitization and intelligence are dramatically improving the accuracy, efficiency and patient experience of healthcare, therapeutic diagnosis.

Jiecang Drive will support you to upgrade related products to a new level, with more than 20 years of linear drive experience - professional and dedicated, to provide you with innovative solutions to achieve:

• Compact installation for precise control

• Smooth, silent movement

• Maintenance-free, lower operating costs

• Special customized applications

Dental equipment drive system solutions

As the public's oral health awareness increases, patients and operators have higher requirements for the comfort and efficiency of dental equipment.

Jiecang has the relevant reserves of advanced dental equipment drive solutions. The products implement strict medical manufacturing standards, so that the linear motion of customers in key application positions is more stable, reliable and ergonomic, enabling electric dental chairs and dental CT machines. and other equipment, trolley instrument table, improve machine performance, increase operating time, reduce maintenance frequency, improve system safety, and reduce energy consumption at the same time.

The electric dental chair drive system exhibited at the scene is matched with Jiechang JC35L series actuator solutions. Among them, the newly developed JC35L29 has large thrust, high speed, and high IPX6 protection level, which can ensure the efficient operation of the equipment and realize one-key lifting, back angle adjustment and Actions such as repositioning help to improve the efficiency of the doctor's work, which is conducive to scientific diagnosis and professional treatment.

Oral CT machine is an important device for understanding and discovering oral problems of patients. Equipped with JC35DN push rod and JC35EM3 column solution, operators can freely adjust the height according to the height of different patients in practical applications, making it easier to see a doctor. The accuracy of the inspection data is guaranteed.

For the trolley instrument table, the needs of the patient are extremely safe, and the operator wants the equipment to move as smoothly as possible. Equipped with JC35W2 push rod or JC35ESN-2 column solution, the instrument table can realize one-key intelligent lifting, Improves comfort and cooperates with dental chairs to help operators complete diagnosis and treatment work more efficiently and healthily.

Come to Jiecang Drive Exhibition Hall 16.2F13 to learn more about dental equipment solutions!



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