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Open a new life for smart home | Jiecang debuts at China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

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Guangzhou|China Construction Expo

CBD 2021

July 20-23

Guangzhou Pazhou·Canton Fair Complex

Booth No.: Area A 4.1-42

Jiecang empowered with linear drive technology

Start a smart home life

On the first day of the exhibition, Jiecang booth attracted many visitors, especially the two lift table products exhibited for the first time. Let us explore together in the end what programs can make our home life more perfect.

Smart Kitchen Solutions Smart

Jiecang lift table new product debut

Recently, based on the new trend of the current integration and development of office and residential furniture, Jiecang has launched two new lift tables, new Chinese style and new fashion.

The new Chinese-style lifting table continues the Odette lifting system with a round-tube-shaped column, and the four legs are synchronously and stably lifted; the embedded hand controller has a simple design, and the color can be flexibly customized to match different application scenarios; it is equipped with a fallback function to fully ensure the safety of users.

With its new design, the new fashionable lifting table can not only realize the free adjustment of height under different needs, but also be equipped with hangers, magazine baskets and shelves, bringing users a considerate and worry-free experience.

Smart Kitchen Solutions Smart

Jiecang Smart Kitchen Solutions

Easily access items in tall cabinets with the wall cabinet lift system. Make the most of the often overlooked space above. The whole design is ergonomically designed to make your home life more comfortable. The interior of hanging baskets, hanging cabinets, and flip-up doors can be customized on demand to meet flexible and wide-ranging applications.

The base cabinet lifting system only takes up a small installation space, and the cabinet can be moved up with one key, maximizing the use of low cabinets. open up more space,

The table translation system realizes the coexistence of the mobile table and the storage function of the cooking table. There is no need to clean up the desktop items, just move the desktop with one key, you can easily get the items, reduce the operation path and increase the storage space.

Smart Kitchen Solutions Smart

Jiecang Smart Bedroom Solutions

The wardrobe lifting system solves the problem of inconvenient access to clothes at high places, and realizes the full use of the space below the ceiling.

Tatami lifting system, the height can be adjusted freely, and the comfortable sitting posture can be customized; optimized design, the surface of the column adopts advanced electrophoresis technology, which is more smooth and smooth; the installation size is lower, and the sensitivity of operation is improved; after a number of anti-rollover tests, it is applied in multiple scenarios.

TV lift system: It can be raised and lowered freely, and the experience is more humanized. It is hidden in the TV cabinet to create a creative space.

Smart Kitchen Solutions Smart

Jiecang Shade Drive Solutions

As an indispensable part of smart home life, Jiecang sunlight management also exhibited a full range of newly developed sunshade drive products on site.

Including JCD15/25/28/30/35 DC roller shutter motors for internal shading applications, JCA35/45 AC roller shutter motors for external shading applications, JCV24/32 motors for venetian blinds, and independent and original JCC50 series opening and closing blinds motor, and the new JCHR series handheld and wall-mounted transmitters. Inject more lean and intelligent elements into the shading industry to provide a better user experience.

More exciting, we sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition to experience the interaction~



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