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Space Magic | Jiecang, creating infinite possibilities for home design

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Maybe we are used to it

"Motionless" home space

Fixed height, constant functionality...

In the past, we have been adapting furniture

Today under the wave of intelligence

How household products "actively" adapt to people

A cooking table that matches your height, and easier access to high cabinets

Or even smarter storage space...

Jiecang smart home drive system gives you the answer!

Let the limited space play unlimited value, more and more furniture manufacturers and designers choose Jiecang, from a new perspective, to provide smart, healthy and interesting solutions for home and office space design.

Cabinet lifting system

The cabinet moves down with one click, allowing you to easily access items at high places.

Seasoning Basket Lifting System

Put the bottles and jars into categories and hide them skillfully. With just one touch, the seasoning is immediately available.

Corner cabinet lifting system

Remodeling the most overlooked space in the kitchen can be used frequently with a little thought.

table translation system

The multi-directional translation of the countertop reduces the operating path and increases the storage space.

Side table lift system

To meet the needs of multi-scenario use, the dining table can be changed into a bar in seconds between lifting and lowering, and it can also be a temporary cooking table.

TV lift system

It can be raised and lowered freely, and the experience is more humanized. It is hidden in the TV cabinet to create a creative space.

Clothes rail lift system

So that the high cabinet space is no longer idle, the problem of picking and placing clothes at a high place can be solved with one click.

Jewelry shelf lifting system

Eliminate the squatting process, items are within reach, and the lift room is full of luxury.

Makeup mirror lift system

A neater and more beautiful storage solution, both decorative and functional.

Home Desk Lifting System

Ergonomic design, say goodbye to sitting at the desk for a long time, and a new way of working and learning.

Platform Lifting System

A solution specially designed for small apartments, with a variety of spaces between lifts.

Desktop Lifting System

The embedded design of the lifting system fully releases the space under the feet, making it more comfortable to stand and sit.

Tatami Lifting System

Highly controllable, safe and comfortable, suitable for multiple scenarios.

At present, many brands such as Oppai, Zhibang, and Gold Medal have chosen Jiecang for whole-house customization cooperation, providing drive system solutions that realize intelligent motion control for furniture products, helping the home furnishing industry to create a new way of life and bringing freshness to the market. and vitality, allowing end consumers to enjoy a high-end smart home experience.

At the same time, Jiecang is also constantly exploring, actively building a linear drive technology as the core, integrating emerging technologies such as "Internet +", big data, cloud computing, etc., to expand the intelligent drive system in smart furniture, including whole-house customization, medical furniture and other fields promotion and application, and help to promote the establishment and improvement of industry standards.







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