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Control Box JCB35T1

· Outputs for actuator: 1-4
· IP grade: Max. IPX6
· Power supply: SMPS

As the latest T series controller, JCB35T1/JCB35T1-M is mainly used in the medical and nursing industries. JCB35T1 is equipped with suitable and optimized SMPS(switching mode power supply)worldwide, which can be connected with a hand controller, four actuators(The fourth one can be changed to under-bed light) and a battery. JCB35T1 has an elegant appearance and compact design. The fixed sliding block of the lower housing can be locked to the frame by screws, or can be fixed to various type of actuators by special mounting part.

When the actuator in JCB35T1 system reaches the limit position, it will extrude the limit switch inside the actuator to stop.

  • Power supply:Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Output 72W in the rated state, 180W in the working mode

  • Power indicator: Yes

  • Actuator interface:Max. 4channels, 4 pin DIN plug (JCB35T1)/5 pin DIN plug(JCB35T1-M)

  • Handset interface:1 channel, 9 pin DIN plug

  • Battery interface:1 channel, 6 pin DIN plug(When there is no action output 1mA)

  • Standby power:Max. 1W

  • Color:Gray

  • Control Method:H-bridge(no relay noise), the life-time exceeds 20,000 cycles.

  • Duty Cycle:2/18min @ 25°C; on/off continuous use(180W at 25°C for 120 seconds)

  • Net Weight:0.6kg

  • Compatibility:Support standard actuator and column (inner limit switch)

  • Battery Management: turning off at low voltage; charging and discharging management

  • IP grade:Max. IPX6

  • Operation:Synchronous drive (feedback optional)

  • Max. Current:Total 10A for all channels

  • Power supply management:Voltage management ensures maximum working power and limit output power up to 200W

  • Protection:Switching power supply thermal protection/Overheat protection

  • Installation:Fixed to various type of actuators by special mounting connector; frame (fixed by screws or slider block)

  • Cable cover:All channels are available

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