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Wheelchair Motor​​​​​​​ SYC-PM10-30/40

· SYC Electric Wheelchair Control System
· Motor Drive

SYC Electric Wheelchair Control System, equipped with motor drive, making all your control, allowing your travel under control.


  • expansible actuators control function

  • expansible lights control function

  • SYC series: Supporting Shiyou SYM motors.

SYC electric wheelchair control system features:

  • High system efficiency: 100KG load 100kg, speed 6km / h, battery 10ah, traveling about 24km

  • System noise: load 100kg, silent chamber test ≤ 52dB

  • Motor size: servo motor manufacturing process for design, small volume high power

  • Motor weight: total weight 2.8kg

  • Horn volume: up to 108dB

  • Comfortable driving: Sine wave vector control mode, high reliability driving steering algorithm, ensuring stable, safe in any environment

  • Low speed slow-speed: can be slow in extreme low speed, easy to travel in wheelchair small space area

  • Electromagnetic brake closing time adjustable function: avoid frequent switch brakes, improve electromagnetic brake service life

  • Electronic brake function: with electronic brake function, use with electromagnetic brakes, double security safety

  • Power limit function: Discharge current limit for lithium battery discharge characteristics, extend battery life

  • Scalable push rod function: expandable electric push rod 2 or 4 channel control, expandable human machine interaction app function

  • Safety protection: has emergency power failure, motor phase-off, overhang, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheating

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