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JIECANG Smart Rollator Solution: A New Choice for Smart Elderly Care

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At the National Two Sessions in 2024, the issue of aging will still be one of the hot topics. Undoubtedly, our country has entered an aging era and the size of the elderly population is increasing. How to allow the elderly to enjoy better elderly care services and products and carry out innovation and transformation suitable for aging are questions we have to face.

The market for social aging-friendly transformation has yet to be developed and expanded, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises.

"Rollators", "stair climbers", "lifts"... In recent years, various kinds of elderly care assistive devices have emerged one after another and have been renovated. While the "silver economy" is booming, consumers have also encountered problems with poor quality, and useless functions, There are a series of problems such as complex operations and unergonomics.

The China Consumers Association surveyed to assess the usability of existing rollators on the market for the elderly, considering their physiological and psychological characteristics through usability testing and expert interviews.

After testing, it was found that some products have bad user experiences like poor braking and a low sense of security. Even worse, some products are inconvenient to operate. With the awkwardly designed, operation prompt feedback is unclear, which can easily lead to misjudgment by the elderly and may cause safety hazards.

In order to solve the current problems, JIECANG has developed a new rollator solution that uses the latest linear actuator technology. It integrates multiple functions such as walking assistance and brings a better user-centered experience to elderly care and rehabilitation users. To some degree, it improves travel options for elderly care and rehabilitation.

Smart Rollator Solution

Fits Your Needs: Highly Customizable Options

The entire rollator system mainly comprises a hub motor, a control box, an operator, a handle, a lithium battery box, and wires. It is compact can match the rollator frames produced by most manufacturers, and has wide applicability.

Smart Rollator System

The overall appearance adopts a modern and simple design, and the black and textured shell makes the whole thing more technological and fashionable.

As detachable independent connectors, the control box and operator can be customized according to customer needs, including the length of the wire.

In addition, the lithium battery box is detachable and stackable to provide a longer cruising range and meet travel needs in different situations.

Lithium battery-Smart Rollator Solution

Complete Functions and Excellent Performance

The system has three basic functions: assistance, rehabilitation, and manned travel. With optional combinations, it can meet the needs of different groups of people.  Quite suitable for daily home travel, rehabilitation training, manned travel, etc.

Smart Rollator application

In the walking assistance mode, the rollator system can realize the function of a push to move, release to stop, and parking protection.  It has a smooth start and peed change, which can intelligently identify walking speed.

Plus, the two-wheel has an adaptive differential turning function, making the turning process smoother and more comfortable.

two-wheel mode-smart rollator

Set up intelligent slope recognition, and the implementation process will automatically identify uphill and downhill slopes, making it easy to go uphill and downhill without slipping. At the same time, there is also an intelligent anti-fall function, which can intelligently identify the tendency of falling during the implementation process, realize emergency parking, and prevent falls in time.

elderly care- intelligent slope recognition

The system has multiple protections in place to ensure safety, including safeguards against overheating, overload, motor failure, stalling, etc.

elderly care-protection system

The controller is also equipped with a Type-C port, so there is no need to worry about power consumption when traveling, and it can be used to charge mobile phones and other devices at any time.

JIECANG's rollator system has attracted much attention from customers and the market since it was first exhibited at the exhibition. At the same time, JIECANG is constantly improving and optimizing the entire system to meet the practical needs of more users.

elderly care solution

In addition to the new rollator system, JIECANG's nursing bed system, lift system, bath lift, toilet lift, electric wheelchair, and other health care products are also popular with users. JIECANG's continuous innovation continues to provide customers with market-leading solutions.

linear actuator solutions

Here, we welcome more customers joining JIECANG to drive new market development and bring more valuable products to users.



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