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JIECANG Steals The Show at 2024 CMEF with Groundbreaking Medical Care System

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From April 11 to 14, 2024, the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center ushered in the high-profile medical event CMEF. Jiecang's innovative medical care system made a wonderful appearance at booth 7.1W27, attracting attention.

JIECANG Medical Care Solution

At the site, JIECANG’s linear actuator solutions, are used in the fields of medical care, nursing, elderly care, rehabilitation, and exercise. Not only upgraded in structure but also focused on humanization and comfort, bringing significant benefits to product innovation and industry development.

Intelligent Medical Bed Solution

Introduce intelligent medical bed system: The back is equipped with a quick-release linear actuator JC35L35, which can quickly level the bed in an emergency. Plus,  the operator can be equipped with multiple models and has rich configuration options.

It can be equipped with a new independent weighing system to achieve accurate monitoring. Help medical staff better understand patients' health conditions and provide personalized medical services.

medical bed solution

Elderly Care Solution

Bath Lift: Comfortable and safe, it solves the daily bathing problems of the elderly and makes it easier for caregivers.

elderly care solution 1

Toilet Lift: a power-assisted product, equipped with JIECANG intelligent linear actuator system, which truly realizes one-touch seat lifting and lowering, making the bathroom space safer and more comfortable for people with limited mobility.

Rollator: Intelligent power assist, auxiliary exercise, helping people with mobility impairments to move independently and expand the scope of social interaction and activities.

Electric Wheelchair: The electric wheelchair system combines a controllable servo motor, efficient software algorithm, lightweight design, and ergonomic features for excellent performance and comfort, enhancing user convenience during travel.

electric wheelchair

Patient Lift System: Multiple systems can be freely selected and matched to meet the different needs of customers.

Home Care Solution

Nursing bed system: Provide customized products according to different markets and users to meet routine nursing and special nursing needs, improve users' comfort and quality of life, promote recovery, and prevent complications.

home care solution

The excitement was palpable at the JIECANG booth throughout the 2024 CMEF exhibition. Their groundbreaking medical drive system garnered unanimous recognition and praise from the audience.  This event not only fostered valuable industry connections but also solidified JIECANG's reputation for excellence in both technology and service.  JIECANG remains committed to pushing boundaries in the medical field and looks forward to continued innovation and development. Visit JIECANG to explore our expanding product line and industry insights.



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