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Jiecang e-sports standing desk solution helps customers create a hard-core gaming experience for players

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Jiecang e-sports elevating table solutions drive customers to build hard-core product capabilities and provide players with an intelligent, healthy and personalized gaming experience.

In recent years, the e-sports industry has been hot. From 2003 when e-sports was listed as an official sports event by the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China, and then to 2021 when e-sports became an official event of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the e-sports industry has made great progress and gradually moved from the edge to the mainstream.

Similar to traditional sports such as football and basketball, e-sports has also exploded with huge commercial value while being accepted by the mainstream society.

According to the "2021 China Vertical E-sports KOL Development Insight Industry Report" released by Xiaohulu Data Agency, it is estimated that the overall market size of China's e-sports will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2022, reaching 215.7 billion yuan.

The ever-heating e-sports market has led to the rapid development of game-related products and equipment.

Gaming tables and gaming chairs are derivatives of the gaming industry. After EDG won the S11 global championship last year, sales have skyrocketed. It has become a hot-selling product on Double 11, and will usher in a new outbreak under this trend.


Jiecang eSports elevating table solution, just in time.

In fact, Jiecang has long been aware of the huge market in the e-sports industry. In the past two years, Jiecang has been working with customers to develop customized e-sports table products. Whether it is in appearance, functional characteristics or design and application of e-sports elements, the Jiecang R&D team It already has a certain technical reserve, which can provide rapid support for product upgrades and help customers grasp the blue ocean of e-sports and gain new growth points.

Keen trend insight, listening to the voice of customers, Jiecang continues to upgrade the hardware and software of the drive system, and innovates to create e-sports elevating table solutions. With the self-developed drive system as the core, it provides exclusive customized services according to customer needs. Competitive elements and innovative genes endow products with deeper value.


For the market, Jiecang, as a professional e-sports table system supplier in the upper reaches of the e-sports industry, has launched e-sports e-sports table solutions to help customers innovate products and promote the further prosperity and upgrading of the e-sports industry; for users, such intelligent The integrated product brings the satisfaction of all-round gaming experience.

It has been deeply involved in the linear drive industry for more than 20 years. As a leader in the electric lift table industry, Jiecang has strong R&D, manufacturing and service capabilities. It hopes to join hands with partners to build an e-sports ecosystem. , e-sports experience hall and other multi-scene layouts, to pass the hard-core product power of e-sports lifting table to every player who loves e-sports.




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