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Jiecang Linear Motion: Honored as National Manufacturing Single-product Champion

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Champions exist in the Olympics and in manufacturing.

Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co. LTD has been recognized as a 2023 National Manufacturing Single-product Champion by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics. This accolade underscores JIECANG's leadership in niche markets and advanced production technology, highlighting its pivotal role in driving industry progress among the approximately 1,574 enterprises honored nationwide.

Championship certificate

From Humble Beginnings to Global Leadership

JIECANG has transformed from an initial "workshop" into a multinational listed company and now a National Manufacturing Single-product Champion, showcasing the immense potential and influence of new quality productivity. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has targeted the previously untapped domestic market for linear actuator products, introducing and refining linear actuator technology. This innovation has been successfully applied across various sectors, including smart office (e.g., smart lifting desks), medical care (e.g., medical care beds, elderly care equipment), smart home (e.g., smart electric beds, electric curtains, lifting cabinets), and industrial automation (e.g., clean energy, engineering machinery), breaking foreign monopolies and filling the domestic market gap.

Over the past two decades, JIECANG has consistently prioritized market demand, enhancing R&D investment, and expanding its research team to ensure technological leadership. In 2023, the company's annual R&D expenditure accounted for 6.86% of its revenue. Currently, Jiecang Linear Motion holds 916 authorized patents and has contributed to nine standards, including "Electric Lifting Desk" and "DC Electric Push Rod." Its products have received multiple international safety certifications, such as CB, UL, FCC, TUV-mark, KC, PSE, and SAA, highlighting their superior quality and reliability.

With its headquarters in Xinchang, Shaoxing, Jiecang Linear Motion has established subsidiaries and production bases in strategic locations across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, covering a total area of 600,000 square meters. The company employs over 4,000 people, including more than 500 R&D engineers. This extensive R&D team provides a solid foundation for quickly responding to market demands and developing differentiated products with market-leading capabilities.

corporate headquarters

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Jiecang Linear Motion has developed a unique lean intelligent manufacturing system, integrating concepts like "lean transformation," "smart factory," "smart production," and "smart logistics." By introducing advanced equipment and promoting digital transformation in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud and Sangfor, the company has created a proprietary hybrid cloud deployment model. This significantly enhances operational efficiency and responsiveness, making JIECANG a model of the "Factory of the Future" in Zhejiang Province.

Jiecang Linear Motion also places great emphasis on talent development and management innovation. The company has established a comprehensive training system, focusing on enhancing employee skills and career development to build a high-quality, professional team. Additionally, it has implemented a series of management innovations, adopting advanced management concepts and methods, optimizing business processes, and strengthening information technology to improve management efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility Production Workshop

JIECANG’s success is not only reflected in its market performance but also in its commitment to long-term sustainable development. The company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, engaging in public welfare and environmental activities. It integrates green and environmental protection concepts into every aspect of its development, building a green manufacturing system and promoting green management throughout the product lifecycle. By using materials like PVC-FREE wires, straw, carbonized bamboo, recycled aluminum, and eco-friendly plastics, JIECANG contributes to a greener ecology. In 2023, the company was recognized as a "Green Low-Carbon Factory" in Zhejiang Province.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility Production Workshop

Future Outlook

Today, Jiecang Linear Motion has evolved from a pioneer in China's linear actuator industry to an industry leader, with its electric lifting desk actuator systems maintaining a leading global market share. Looking ahead, JIECANG will continue to lead with technological innovation, leveraging quality foundations, information technology, and intelligent manufacturing to expand its market and international strategy. By strengthening industry collaboration and exchange, JIECANG aims to contribute more to the prosperity and progress of global manufacturing.

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