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Carpet Sweeper

JIECANG provides the core power of the drive unit for sweeping robots, bringing more possibilities for automatic cleaning and making it more efficient.

Energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance-free and long service life
The electric actuator product is simple without energy-consuming compressor, oil pump, etc., and the power consumption is extremely small under normal using; due to the internal use of solid grease, high temperature resistance, and reinforcement of sealing measures, it will not occur oil leakage and other phenomena. Hence it will not pollute the environment and other parts of the product. Because Jiecang follows strict standards when manufacture and product, the product has a long service life, reducing maintenance cost for customer.

Exquisite appearance, easy installation
The electric actuator is compact in size and design, without hoses, pumps, compressors and other components, saving space and making installation easier. With good control and automation make products smarter.


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Other systems
· Voltage : 24 VDC
· Stroke :1500 mm
· Load speed : 5mm/s
Photovoltaic application
· Max. static load(KN) :55
· Load speed(mm/s) :1.5
· Stroke(mm) :967(mm)
Other systems
· Max. load: 6.6KN 
· Voltage :12 V 
· Stroke : 159 mm 
Other systems
· Max. load:50N
· IP grade: IP66
Other systems
· Max. load: 2 / 5 / 10KN
· IP grade: IP65
Other systems
· Max. load: 800N
· IP grade: IP66 (dynamic), IP69K (static)


Industrial Automation

Today (October 27), the 15th Asian Solar Photovoltaic Innovation Cooperation Forum and Exhibition opened in Hangzhou International Expo Center (G20 Summit Pavilion), and Jiecang intelligent industrial environment drive system products were unveiled.During the two-day exhibition, we will meet you in

Industrial Automation

From June 3rd to 5th, 2021, the 15th (2020) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition of SNEC will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong).Jiecang appeared at booth 335 in Hall E3, and launched smart actuator solutions in the field of new energy (

Industrial Automation

In recent years, with the continuous development of photovoltaic and photothermal power generation technologies, solar tracking systems are more and more used in power station construction. As the key auxiliary equipment of the tracking system, the electric actuator plays an important role in it.How



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