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Standing Desk Frame

A Standing Desk Frame is a component of a standing desk Systems that provides support and stability for the desktop surface. It typically consists of adjustable legs or columns that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different heights, allowing users to switch between sitting and standing positions while working. best standing desk frame may also include features such as motorized height adjustment, cable management systems, and sturdy construction materials to ensure durability and stability. Standing desk frames come in various designs and configurations to suit different workspace layouts and user preferences, such as Electric stand up desk frame includes shaped standing desk frame and standing desk frame only dual motor. They are commonly used in office environments to promote ergonomic comfort and reduce the health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

JIECANG standing desk frame linear actuator technology is widely used in office environments. Currently, the most mature applications include single, double, three-person, negotiation, classroom adjustable desks, etc. It can fully flexibly meet the needs of offices of different styles, functions, and sizes. In addition, linear drive technology can be innovatively applied to many other products, such as conference tables, multimedia equipment, podiums, etc.
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    4-leg brushless motor standing desk frame LOGICflex X
    · Stroke : 480 mm
    · Voltage : 220-240 VAC 
    · Max. load 170 kg
    2-leg Electric sit-stand desk frame OPTIMUS
    · Stroke : 660 mm
    · Voltage : 230 V
    · size : 1118 - 1766 mm
    Electric sheet metal standing desk frame OPTIMUS Bench
    · Voltage:230 V
    · Frame size 1118 - 1766 mm
    · Stroke range : 660 mm 
    Angled leg design standing desk frame for home Karma Essence
    · Standard stroke: 650mm
    · Min. height : mm580
    · Rated load:1200N
    4 Legs Standing Desk Frame Odette2.0
    · 4 legs
    · Minimalist design
    · 43mm diameter leg
    Electric Adjustable Gaming Desk Frame INVICTUS-S
    · Gaming desk
    · Cord-in column
    · Quick assembly
    Electric Adjustable Gaming Standing Desk Frame INVICTUS-C
    · Gaming desk
    · Rated: 1200N
    · Speed: 40mm/s
    Dual Motor Adjustable Standing Desk Frame Quartz3.0
    · Dual motor
    · Unique leg design
    · Modular design
    Coffee Standing Desk Suitable for Home Environments
    · Moludar design
    · Rated load: 800N
    · Speed: 25mm/s
    Fast Lifting Desk TS-Zoom80
    · Fast lift
    · Speed: 80mm/s
    · Rated load: 800N
    Hand Crank Lifting Desk Frame JSSY-S22S
    · Hand crank
    · 16mm/circle
    Height Adjustable Children's Desk Prodigy1.0
    · Study desk
    · Rated load: 700N
    · Anti-collision
    Simple Standing Desk Frame Nature
    · Honeycomb table top
    · Sustainable devlopment
    · Minimalist design
    Electric Standing Desk Suitable for Homeenvironment Quartz2.0
    · Mini height: 700mm
    · Max height: 1180mm
    · Rated load: 600N
    2 Person Workstation Standing Desk Frame Twins
    · Height range: 595-1255mm

    · Frame range: 1100-1700mm

    · Max speed: 40mm/s
     4 Person Workstation Standing Desk Frame - Births
    Height range: 595-1255mm

    Frame range: 1100-1700mm

    Load capacity: 1250N
    120° three-person lifting desk frame Triplet
    · maximum load : 1250N
    · stroke length : Accessories
    · retracted length :Accessories
    4 Legs Simple Electric Standing Desk Frame Zen
    · Load: 1000N
    · Frame size:1594X794mm
    · Height Range: 700-1150mm
    Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Frame Odette
    · Load:1000N 
    · Frame size: 1800*800mm
    · Minimalist Design 
    3 Legs Electric Standing Desk Frame TT120°
    · Height range: 595-1245mm
    · Frame range: 1050-1900mm
    · Load capacity: 1500N
    3 Legs Standing Desk Frame TT180°
    Height : 685-1185mm

    Foot size : 700mm

    Load capacity: 1500N
    L-shaped electric height adjustable Standing Desk Frame TT90°
    · Adjustable height : 595-1245mm
    · Frame extendable :1080-1800mm
    · Load capacity: 1500N
    L-Shaped Column Standing Desk Frame TS-EZ4.0L
    · Quick Installation
    · L-Shaped Column
    Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Frame TS-EZ4.0
    · Speed: 35mm/s
    · Rated load: 1250N
    · Height : 610mm-1260mm
    Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Frame TS-EZ3.0
    · Stroke : 650mm 
    · Rated load: 1200N
    · Speed: 40mm/s
    Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Frame TS-Plus
    · Rated load: 1250N
    · Speed: 50mm/s
    Professional Economic Lifting Desk Frame TS-Pro
    · Rated load: 800N
    · Speed: 40mm/s
    Electric adjustable standing desk frame TS-Classic
    Adjustable height: 575-1255mm

    Frame telescopic: 1085-1800mm

    Top size 1200-1800mm
    Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Frame TS-Lite2.0
    · Height : 679-1174mm
    · Frame : 900-1200mm
    · Packge size: 798x223x135mm
    Smart adjustable Standing Desk Frame TS-Primer
    · Lightweight
    · Retractable:1100~1500mm
    · Length :1200~1600mm
    Single Motor Standing Desk Frame TH-Modular1.0
    Retracted height: 702mm
    Stroke length: 500mm
    Rated load: 800N
    Economical Single Motor Standing Desk Frame TH-Lite
    · Single motor
    · Rated: 700N
    · Speed: 25mm/s
    2-stage Reverse Single Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame TH-Primer
    • installation length: 650mm
    • stroke length: 500mm
    • Rated load: 700N
    Electric Standing Podium TO-Classic
    Installation length: 650mm

    Base size: 500*500mm

    Load capacity: 800N
    Electric Single Leg X-type Lifting Desk TO-Primer
    · Single leg
    · Speed: 40mm/s
    · Size:750*750*18mm
    Electric Lifting Podium Rostra1.0
    Stroke length: 400mm
    Rated load: 450N
    Max speed: 30mm/s






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