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Mobile Agriculture​​​​​​​
JIECANG Linear Actuator provides intelligent motion for the lid, markers, and metering units of modern seeders.

With the rapid development of modern agriculture, farmers are increasingly seeking to increase yields, reduce waste, and lower energy consumption. In this context, the application of JIECANG Linear Actuator brings a series of significant advantages to seeders, effectively helping agriculture achieve smarter, more precise, and efficient seeding operations.

Linear Actuator Drives Seeder Innovation
Seeders play a crucial role in modern agriculture, and the application of JIECANG Linear Actuator injects intelligence into them. By combining with GPS tracking devices, farmers can accurately grasp the seeding needs of different operating areas based on soil quality indicators and geographical information data, maximizing seeding efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

JIECANG Linear Actuator provides precise position feedback for seeders, enabling them to easily achieve automated seeding. The position information of the Linear Actuator can be conveniently integrated with multiple data bus control systems, providing accurate soil quality adjustment information to the system, maximizing adaptation to changes in different regions.

The design of JIECANG Linear Actuator eliminates the complexity of traditional hydraulic systems, requiring only a power line and a data line connected to the engine control unit (ECU). The hoseless, pumpless, or compressor-free actuator solution greatly simplifies the installation process and reduces the operating costs of seeders due to the absence of maintenance requirements.

With over 20 years of technical accumulation, JIECANG Linear Actuator has undergone comprehensive testing to ensure continuous operation under harsh field conditions. Various test items such as water, dust, collision, impact, and prolonged vibration ensure the durability of the actuator, meeting necessary certifications and standards, and providing farmers with reliable seeding tools.

The application of JIECANG Linear Actuator injects intelligence, greenness, and efficiency into seeders, helping agriculture achieve more sustainable and intelligent development. With continuous technological innovation, Linear Actuator will bring more advantages and possibilities to seeders, driving agriculture towards a more intelligent future.​​​​​​​


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