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Mobile Agriculture​​​​​​​
JIECANG Linear Actuator assists in adjusting vehicle mirrors, cabin ladders, opening and closing engine hoods, adjusting power take-off (PTO) speed, and provides safe motion for all additional applications.

With the rapid development of modern agriculture, tractors, as crucial machinery for field operations, are increasingly emphasizing the need for comfort and economy in operation. To address these challenges, tractor manufacturers are seeking intelligent solutions, and JIECANG Linear Actuator, with its unique advantages, is gradually becoming the preferred solution for tractor upgrades and modifications.

The primary advantage of applying JIECANG Linear Actuator to tractors lies in its flexible solutions and easy integration characteristics. JIECANG Linear Actuator is ingeniously designed to seamlessly integrate with other control systems, providing tractors with more precise and efficient control experiences. This integrated design not only simplifies the operation process of tractors but also improves the stability and reliability of the entire machine.

Moreover, the convenient installation, maintenance-free operation, and durability of JIECANG Linear Actuator are also favored by customers. Compared to traditional control systems, the Linear Actuator requires no complex maintenance procedures, reducing downtime caused by equipment failures and improving the operational efficiency of tractors. Additionally, the simple structure of the Linear Actuator and the quick installation process save users a significant amount of time and effort.

During tractor operations, prolonged sitting in the cabin may have some impact on the driver's health. However, the application of JIECANG Linear Actuator can significantly improve the working environment of the cabin and enhance driver comfort. Through adjustments made by the Linear Actuator, drivers can easily adjust the positions of vehicle mirrors, cabin ladders, and other components, making the cabin more ergonomically designed and reducing fatigue from long-term operations.

It is also worth mentioning that JIECANG Linear Actuator can provide intelligent solutions for tractors. With precise feedback systems, drivers can monitor the position of the actuator at all times, even when it is out of sight, ensuring the safety and stability of the operation process. This intelligent feature not only improves the operational efficiency of tractors but also reduces operational risks, providing more reliable support for agricultural production.​​​​​​​


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· Max. load:50N
· IP grade: IP66
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· Max. load: 10000N
· IP grade: IP67/IP69K(static)
· Manual operation when power off
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· Max. load: 6.6KN 
· Voltage :12 V 
· Stroke : 159 mm 

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